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"The real difficulty is that people have no idea of what education truly is. We assess the value of education in the same manner as we assess the value of land or of shares in the stock-exchange market. We want to provide only such education  as would enable the student to earn more. We hardly give any thought to the improvement of the character of the educated. The girls, we say, do not have to earn; so why should they be educated? As long as such ideas persist there is no hope of our ever knowing the true value of education." - M. K. Gandhi




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About Us

About the Establishment

In the beginning of the 20th century when the thought of enlightenment of the masses was pervading in all spheres of life, “Krantiveer Vasantrao Narayanrao Naik Shikshan Prasarak Sanstha” shouldered the responsibility of imparting education to all with the motto “Tamaso ma Jyotirgamaya”.

Innitially there were two separate organizations, viz "Dongre Vidyarthi Vasatigriha” and "K V N Naik Shikshan Prasarak Sanstha".

Dongre Vidyarthi Vasatigriha

With the blessings of Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj, three hostels were established in Nashik. One of them was Dongre Vidyarthi Vasatigriha established in 1920. Hundreds of students from the district have stayed in the hostel for education purpose. Today many of them have established themselves as renowned personalities in the society. It was registered as a society on 6th of Jan 1953 and the registration no. was ‘F-5’.

K V N Naik Education Society

With the noble vision of imparting education to the masses from rural and tribal areas, some of the pioneers  and peers of the Community decided to start an educational institute. With the Herculean efforts of, Late. Shri. Damodar Dongre, Laxman Babaji Dhatrak, Parsram Bodhale, Ravba Sangle, Adv. D T Jaibhave, M D Kute, B T Dhatrak, V T Nagre, , Bhimasheth Kedar, S T Sherekar, Khandoba Patil, Haribhau Dhatrak, Karbhari Patil Nagre,  Adv. Sudamrao Sangle, P V Burukul,  N S Nagre and many others, an educational institute was established in the name of late. Krantiveer Vasantrao Narayanrao Naik on 27th of Sep 1969, in the premises of Dongre Vidyarthi Vasatigriha. The registration no. is 103.

Establishment of integrated  K V N Naik Shikshan Prasarak Sanstha.

In order to give impetus, the pioneers of the society decided to merge both the institutions. The proposal was submitted to the Charity Commissioner. The institution was established on 10th of May 1999, It was named  as “Krantveer Vasantrao Narayanrao Naik Shikshan Prasarak Sanstha. The institution is registered as Charitable Trust under the Bombay Public Trust Act, further Trust is registered under the section 12A and Section 80G of Income Tax Act.

Objectives of the Institution

The main objective of the Institution is dissemination of education among the weaker and poorer sections in the society. It aims at providing high class education to weaker section in society and increase the overall position of literacy amongst them.

Under the vigilant eyes of Hon’ble Shri Tukaramji Dighole the ‘K V N Naik Shikshan Prasarak Sanstha’ started its rapid growth and began to play a key role to meet the diversified educational needs of people of Maharashtra in general and Nashik district in particular.

Mission of the Promoting Body

Imparting State-of-the-art and world-class quality education to achieve excellence and performance that makes student literary superior and ethically and morally strong.

Vision  of the Promoting Body

K.V.N.Naik Shikshan Prasarak Sanstha is committed to impart State-of-the-art futuristic higher & technical education and instill high patterns of discipline through our dedicated staff, which shall set global standards, Making our standards, making our student technologically superior and ethically strong, who in turn shall serve the needs of society at large.


  • Enhance the academic and social lives of college students in  Nasik District.
  • Attract students, faculty and staff of strong academic and professional standing and diverse backgrounds to the Nashik area institutions of technical education.
  • Increase professional development opportunities for faculty and staff working at the colleges in and around Nasik District.
  • Enable the nearby colleges to share resources and infrastructure.
  • Enhance the approach of the education to the  community in the region locally, regionally, and nationally.
  • Serve as a resource advocate to city officials and regional government.
  • Engage in community service.
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